I have been telling readers this for years, but it has mostly fallen on deaf ears. Watch the above video and educate yourself about their intentions.

(1) ALL of Islam accept that Shariah Law is above any land’s laws

(2) ALL Muslims are allowed to lie if it deceives the infidel (non-Muslims)

(3) THE Quran is accepted chronologically (What does that mean?)

(a) The Quran was written over a 40-year period

(b) WHAT was written last supersedes what was written first

(c) IN THE Beginning of Quran, Muhammad talked about peace but the latter part is anything but peace, and it supersedes the beginning,

(d) You have Muslims quoting the beginning surahs (verses) on peace knowing the latter ones supersede the former, talking about killing the infidel

(2) Syrian refugees are from a terrorist torn region

(3) Even if a Syrian refugee is not radicalized, he or she still supports Shariah Law

(4) ISLAMIC ARMAGEDDON: There are two different approaches

(a) Al Queda believes that they can take over countries by outgrowing their population

(i) the West has small families (1-2 Children)

(ii) Islam has huge families (6-8 children)

(iii) It is only a matter of time

(b) ISIS believes that if they if start World War III, it will bring back the 12th Imam (Muhammad al-Mahdi) and Jesus

(c) The 12th Imam is Islam’s Jesus

(d) In Islamic beliefs, Jesus and the 12th Imam will rule the world from Jerusalem, all being under Shariah Law

(5) We, the United States and the West, are ignorantly doing two things that will lead to our demise

(a) We are naively being so politically correct that we are ignoring the symptoms of the disease

(b) We are heading toward World War III by allowing Muslim infiltration and growth (Al Qaeda) and allowing ISIS to grow their ranks

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  1. You definitely don’t want to mess with Anonymous. People need to wake up. People are beginning to change since the result of the election speaks for itself. Thank god we didn’t get Hillary. We’re 1000% better off with Donald than if Granny C’ would’ve gotten elected.

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