Review of 2013 Revision of the Jehovah’s Witnesses New World Translation

REVIEWING 2013 New World Translation of Jehovah’s Witnesses is going to challenge your objectivity. Being objective means that personal feelings or opinions do not influence you in considering and representing facts. Being subjective means that your understanding is based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or ideas. If the reader finds these insights offense, it might be a little mind control at work from years of being told the same misinformation repeatedly, so ponder things objectively. We can also have preconceived ideas that have been a part of our thinking for so long; we do not question them.

Gender-Inclusive Language in Bible Translation

One of the last bastions of literal translation philosophy, the New American Standard Bible, has given into the gender-inclusive translation philosophy. NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE (NASB 1995/2020): The 1995 edition was very literal. For example, the NASB Translates “brothers” or “brethren,” to “brothers and sisters.” In another example, the NASB has gender-inclusive changes to the word “man” in Romans 2:1-11 and Micah 6:8.

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