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October 10, 2016

The Life and Martyrdom the Reformer and Translator John Hus (1369-1415)

In the first century of our common era, the first martyr gave his life because of his stance for God, Stephen. (Acts 7:54-6) These early disciples of Christ had been given a commission that all Christians are expected to carry... Continue Reading →

Bible Translation Is a Hazardous Duty

Bible translation goes back to 280 to 150 B.C.E., when (seventy-two, according to tradition) translators gave us the Hebrew Old Testament books in Greek. From those days forward, translators have lived very dangerous lives, in trying to bring us the... Continue Reading →

Dutch Bible and Textual Scholar Erasmus of Rotterdam

I WOULD have these words translated into all languages, so that not only Scots and Irish, but Turks and Saracens too might read them . . . I long for the ploughboy to sing them to himself as he follows... Continue Reading →

The King James Version after 400 Years: Looking Back, Looking Forward

The King James Version has reached the milestone of the 400th anniversary of its first publication. Academic and religious conferences, museum displays, books and articles, and commemorative editions of the KJV have exploded in such quantity that 2011 can confidently... Continue Reading →

William Tyndale’s Plowboy Reconsidered

This essay is a historical study.  That may seem anomalous in a journal devoted to current translation issues and practices, so a word of explanation is in order.  One of the functions of inquiring into the history of English Bible... Continue Reading →

Jerome: The Forerunner in Bible Translation

The Catholic Church Sacred Tradition in support of the Vulgate's magisterial authority: Moreover, this sacred and holy Synod,—considering that no small utility may accrue to the Church of God, if it be made known which out of all the Latin... Continue Reading →

Leland Ryken Interview Differences in Bible Translations

Interviewed By Christian Publishing House Prior to 2001, Dr. Leland Ryken, a professor of English at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, served on the translation committee as their literary stylist for the 2001—English Standard Version. He has penned numerous books... Continue Reading →

The Bible Translation Debate

UNTIL THE MIDDLE OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, all major English Bible translations were based on the premise that the goal of Bible translation is to take the reader as close as possible to the words that the biblical authors actually... Continue Reading →

Why the Bible Is Different From Other Great Books

It may not take much to convince you of the premise of this chapter. The Bible is, after all, the Bible. But literal translation has no claim to priority unless the individual words of the Bible are very important. Let... Continue Reading →

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