Returning to Pure Worship

The question that we might ask ourselves is “Am I among his servants or his foes?” (Oswalt 2003) We might go on once more and ask the question that Jesus asked, “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” (Lu 18:8) Do we currently see a restoration of pure worship today within Christianity?

Interpreting Prophecy

Most understand the word “prophecy” to be another word for prediction. The Hebrew, navi and the Greek prophētēs (prophet), carry the meaning of one who is a proclaimer of God’s message and need not necessarily be foretelling of the future. He may very well be proclaiming a moral teaching, an expression of a divine command... Continue Reading →

Interpreting Proverbs

A proverb is a short well-known pithy saying that expresses an obvious truth and often offers advice in a forceful way and is to the point, and frequently with an element of wit. Generally, the proverb will describe somebody or something with a word or phrase that is not meant to be taken literally. By... Continue Reading →

Interpreting Words

Word Meaning: First, I would like to note that the reader of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek have a small advantage over the reader that only knows English. The reader of the original languages can ascertain what the writer meant to convey by the words he used, while the English reader can only ascertain what the translator meant by the... Continue Reading →

Interpreting Bible Riddles

A riddle is a puzzle in the form of a question or rhyme that contains clues to its answer, which is puzzling or confusing. The Hebrew word, chidah, means “riddle” or “ambiguous saying.” The Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament says, A derivation has been suggested from Aramaic ʾăḥad “hold fast, cover,” for the Aramaic... Continue Reading →

Interpreting Figurative Language

Figurative language uses or contains a nonliteral sense of a word or words. The Bible is filled with figurative languages, such as metaphors, simile, parables (lengthy metaphors), and many other figures of speech. The authors draw on created things, plants, animals, and the heavens, as well as the human experience. It is not difficult to... Continue Reading →

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